Fresh Sushi On The Train in Perth

When you eat out, you go for more than just the food. You go to experience an energetic and welcoming atmosphere. You go to make a good impression on your date or create a fond memory with your partner.

And you can find all of that at Pink Rice near Perth.

Our restaurant has everything from delicious meals to a courteous staff to a family-friendly environment. In fact, we even have impressive sushi on a train that will make your evening as entertaining as it is exciting.

Make Your Meal Memorable

Our sushi is served on an extensive conveyor train piled with a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes. Our large train enables us to serve a delectable mix of traditional favourites as well as thrilling new flavour combinations.

As the belt passes your table, you can simply grab the plate that appeals to you and enjoy! When you've finished one dish, stack it at your table and choose another plate that catches your eye.

You can eat as much as you like, and if you feel too full to continue, you can signal one of our servers. We'll then count your total plates and bill you accordingly.

Sushi Train in Perth

Stop by Our Restaurant

If you or your family love sushi, come check out our kaiten sushi at our restaurant near Perth. You'll love the seemingly endless options and the fresh ingredients.

Have a party or an event in mind? We can also provide platters of our popular Japanese cuisine in various sizes so you can serve all of your guests. But keep in mind that even your co-workers will want to experience the magic of Pink Rice's kaiten sushi for themselves.

So stop by our restaurant during our regular hours whenever you want a meal to remember. If you have additional questions about our menu, call (08) 9433 5800.